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Yesterday was my son's twelfth birthday, and as is our tradition I let him pick how he wanted to spend the day. It'll probably be unsurprising to those of you who know him to hear that he chose to play World of Warcraft with J and me. The birthday meal was Thai—he loves yellow curry—and instead of cake, he asked for a lemon pie for dessert. I think the day was a success, considering that he's still asleep.

He's not quite a teenager yet, but he is one in most of the ways that matter: he's been coping with acne and mood swings, and his outlook on life is considerably more mature than it was a year ago. He still hates having to do schoolwork, but he buckles down and does it with a minimum of complaint, which is a huge step forward. And while he hasn't started evincing any interest in dating, I'm sure that'll come in time. Not that I'm eager to deal with all that entails, mind you; I have my hands full with his older sister's romantic trials and tribulations. ;-)

Speaking of S, she's done a lot of growing up recently, too. She just took on a weekend food-service job to supplement her current thirty-hour-a-week retail gig, and she's been amazingly responsible this last year. She's gone to work every day (and on time, I think) come hell or high water, which is certainly more than I can say for myself at her age. In an effort to give her some idea of what life as a grown-up is like, I put her in charge of our rent when we moved; J and I pay our portions to her and she writes the check to the landlord every month, which means she's ultimately responsible for all the money being there. She's stepped up and dealt with it with a minimum of fuss, and there hasn't been a problem in nearly a year, so go her!

Today is a day of mostly rest, as we're going to hold Yule vigil tonight, sitting up all night and tending a fire to ensure the return of daylight after the longest night of the year.

I may nap for a bit; I'm still worn out from K's birthday celebration and I had a short night because I wanted to be up to see when S gave J her Yule gift—a package that was ringing even as J was trying to open it. :-) Short version of the story: after we moved, J bought a new, snazzy cellphone, which was subsequently stolen (probably by some unsavory people who hang out where J works). She's been using S's old phone for a month or so, but the reason it's S's old phone is that it was on its last legs, so that's not an ideal solution. Unbeknownst to J, S and some of J's other friends have been plotting, and last night S picked up a new phone—identical to J's stolen one—as a Yule gift from them all. It was a great surprise, but it was incredibly difficult to keep a straight face last night when J discovered that her phone wasn't working. "Gee, must be because S went in to the Verizon store and had them fix what was wrong with hers. Maybe they messed up your number in the process. We'll have to see about getting that fixed tomorrow."

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Very cool! Shar surely has grown up a lot. I can't say that at 19 I was much good about consistently going to work either, nor paying my own rent.

Andy got his first pimple last summer, the week before his 13th birthday. I noticed it when I noticed the smattering of downy hair on his cheek in the sunlight. :-)

You Wanna Know Something?

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I can finally relate your family back to unlife successfully: Watch Weeds sometime. With the exception of the fact that you are not, as far as I know, a pot dealer in a posh suburb in Southern California, it's like installing a mirror in your house.


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