Aug. 24th, 2008

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Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Kew, which was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was occasionally overcast and cool enough not to be uncomfortable, but warm enough to allow us to enjoy ourselves. As has been par for the course the past couple of weeks, [ profile] shadowbat was hungry when we got there*, so we stopped and got sandwiches right off. He tried my chicken tikka sandwich and didn't care for it, but ate his own tuna salad sandwich happily.

We went through the three main glass houses and strolled around the rest of the gardens, chatting and having a wonderful time. I finally know what a monkey puzzle tree looks like (very odd, in case you're curious), and have seen the various plants from which coffee, macadamia nuts, and other interesting foods are harvested.

Once we were back at [ profile] mandragora1's place, I made dinner (macaroni and cheese from scratch, which could have been better; I think I added the cheese when the white sauce was still too hot, so the texture wasn't as creamy as I like) and we watched Stardust which was a lot of fun.

Today is a barbecue at a friend's, and it's rainy and overcast but I don't mind at all. I'd been getting tired of the heat and sun of Denver and the weather at the moment reminds me a lot of Seattle. Being driven about in London traffic, though, is like nothing I've ever experienced before; it's kind of like chaos theory in motion. *g*

* For those who don't know, he just hit a growth spurt and has been eating constantly. He's put on probably 15 pounds in the last couple of weeks and has outgrown all of his jeans, which sent me scrambling through thrift stores in Colorado before we left.


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